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Assassins Creed Jade Game Against the Fire The early version of the mobile game leaked

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The Assassins Creed franchise has been wanting to go to the Far East for a long time. Assassins Creed Jade responds to this wish in the form of a mobile game set around the age of 515. With Reddit leaks, we can see what awaits us in the Assassin release soon.

It’s important to be quick, since it is possible that Ubisoft will soon have the video removed from the network. The video is an early version with low resolution and poor sound, as well as a few errors.

The title was introduced to us at Ubisoft forward with the words of: “Ubisoft “.

Make your own assassin while you get up into the Assassins Creed codename JADE, a new mobile Open World game in the ancient Chinese town. Gain the master’s skillful development experience from the master’s team. Parkour on the Great Wall, explore bustling cities, discover secret locations and travel across diverse cultures, i.e. Ancient China backdrop.


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