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Assault: The founder of Huawei called for the company to do its best with the company’s human resources

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Money is a good idea.

The South China Morning Post recalls that 78-year-old founder of Huawei Technologies, Ren Zhengfei, has now removed the concept of a new generation, who wants to become chairman of the Chinese company, but it’s not stop her from getting a share of the business, but that is not hindering an entrepreneur from speaking out about the latest trend in the market, as well as the future development paths of Huawei and the entire industry.

Image: Xinhua.

According to him, Huawei should focus more in the foreseeable future on saving the money and then on increasing the costs of the money than on the profits as well. In certain areas of work, the company is named world leader, but he can’t cover all segments of the market. According to the company’s founder, artificial barriers may interfere with the distribution of Huawei products, but these restrictions are less restrictive for research. For true entrepreneurs of their business, material motivation isn’t so important, says Ren Zhengfei, they have to just do what they love and get enough returns. No person has high skills, but it’s necessary, is it that, in the end, they’re building leaders?

Since Huawei Technologies is up to one-third of its workers worldwide, approximately 55.6% are engaged in research and development, and that’s why the former management believes that it’s necessary to preserve human resources. It is the best-in-class company, that gives it the ability to survive, also to flourish with the rise of the United States and its allies, the increasingly challenging sanctions.

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