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Astralis received a quota for ESL Pro League 18 (each way);

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The Danish team Astralis defeated the Brazilian FURIA in the final qualifying group A of the ESL Pro League 18 CS:GO tournament.

The meeting ended with a score of two:0 16:7 on Overpass, 16:13 on Nuke, and in the second half of the game, the Brazilians, with the score 13:10, couldn’t win the round, losing six times in a row. The Danish team will receive a quota for the ESL Pro League 18 tournament and the Brazilian team will play in the semi-finals of the last chance qualification with the Australian Grayhound Gaming.

ESL’s Pro League S18 will begin soon.

Midsummer, October 2nd, September 3.

Aimor (Atlantic) FURIA (Brazil) 2:0 (16:7-16:13)

Astralis reached the final of the Middle League of the eight-year-old qualifying.

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