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Astronomy: A flashlight for Phil Spencer, a Spaceship of the Star Wars and more

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The crazy and impressive creations in Starfield never stop. From the Batwing to Starship Enterprise, there are many new things.

We gave you some lovely sculptures from Starfield yesterday. One of the included ships is the Force of the Normandy in the Mass Effects, the Pelican in Halo and many more.

But the crazy and creative ideas evolve with every passing day. A flashlight from Phil Spencer was made available in the game by an alter. A new and impressive ship, so you can see, remains abundant.

Excellent ! One player on Starfield created the Enterprise ship #StarTrek pic.twitter.com/mvdcJzVUg4.

Mando (@MandoTheRealOne) September 4, 2023.

One has created a Starfield mod that allows Phil Spencer to play with your flashlight https://t.co/OE7QDdt5 pic.twitter.com/MbL3DM55Sh.

Tom Warren (@tomwarren) September 4, 2023.

I’m trying to destroy the star by using u/Elusiv3Godspeed to destroy the starcraft in Starfield.

Someone made the Batwing in Starfield from Batman. The ship builder is pic.twitter.com/t4UQXIq1ms.

Karim Jovian (@Jowane) September 4, 2023

VantaGenesis remade the Halo HF frigate Forward Unto Dawn in Starfield. Starfield is roughly a 14 recreation with a 100m long limit for ship building. #STARFIELD #Halo pic.twitter.com/6Xzv1td8LV @ r-se/nipd9w & S.E. hawaii_ev/pawcd1fra.

Tomig has completed the trade deal for the two major companies.

Someone made a destroyer from Star Wars in #Starfield with just its shop builder! pic.twitter.com/R0UfcI0Uh0 created an destroyer.

Karim Jovian (@Jovian) September 4, 2023.

However, there are many creative possibilities that don’t take any role model and also impress.

I call it Salamanderby in Starfield.

Proud of this beast by u/WORTOKUA in Starfield.

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