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ASUS introduced a unique high-resolution ROG Strix XG49WC screen

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A lot of interesting monitors were presented at CES 2023, which attract attention with their characteristics or, for example, their unusual design, but ASUS decided to take an easier and practical path.

The company officially announced the ASUS ROG Strix XG49WCR monitor, with a main feature being the ability to display an image from two sources simultaneously. Yes, this means you can display a picture from your laptop and PC, by example, or from your laptop and console, on one monitor instantly. Because many do not understand why this is necessary immediately, this monitor has many advantages, because there aren’t so many model types on the market that can compete with this solution.

Whenever users work on two laptops, or a home PC or a work laptop, it may be hard for them to connect them to a single monitor, but now you can work together with content from two different systems simultaneously.

If you don’t want it, then you have to put two windows on the same monitor, then it will work on the same computer as you. In terms of what is common, for example, work with documents, and on assimilation of correspondence, but also with the ratio of 32:9 and 49 inches diagonal, this is a very nice office, which is accessible with many useful content.

And we really hope that this monitor will soon be sold for a good price.


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