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At Indie Horror Showcase, Nightdive presents System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition

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Nightdive Studios released their new remaster, System Shock 2: The Enhance Edition at the indie horror show. This updated version transforms the 1960 classic into a KEX engine and gives it all modern comfort.

Nightdive really has been moving on those remasters. Star Wars: Dark Forces was just recently announced with Turok 3, while SiN Reloaded had to get more room. System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition has been in the pipeline for quite some time, with it being promised to anyone who pre-ordered systems like that.

The Enhanced Edition comes with the added benefit of higher resolution, widescreen and post-processing effects. The graphics have also been touched up. However, for the typical Nightdive style they are finely adjusted to get better results without altering the gameplay’s effect tewny quality! It is also going to be available first on consoles.

System Shock 2 was the first game in a list of Irrational Games and was released in response to The Looking Glass Studios’ 1994 title, Systems Skum. This title is respected with its construction so that it may have influenced the successor of 2007, Bioshock. I assure you that some fans will be disappointed with Nightdive’s changes in 1999 after the original update, but both titles were definitely needed a bit of paint.

There is still no release date for System Shock 2: Enhanced Edition, except that it can come soon and in the near future. It will hit PS5, Xbox X|S and PC.

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