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At the time of the accident, Hyundai won’t sell ICE in Norway

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Since the year prior to last, the largest number of car fares sold on the country’s primary market amounted to a number of cyclone traction machines. The survey explains that last year’s indicator broke the limit of 80%, according to Electrek. Plug-in hybrids can form up to 10% of the market, and gasoline and diesel cars at best received 50% of the market in each case.

Image source: Hyundai Motor.


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A source said that Hyundai will sell only battery-electric vehicles in Norway from January this year, while plug-in hybrid vehicles will be discontinued, the source said. Last year, the latter sold only 7 % of Korean brand car sales in Norway, while electric vehicles sold for more than 90 % of the entire range for several years in a row. Traditionally, Norway will ban sale of cars with internal combustion engines if it comes to its territory by 2025, but the electrification of the local fleet is going ahead faster, and now there’s a number of more efficient hybrids on the Norwegian market. Chinese brands consider Norwegian products prioritising the expansion of the European Union, so there’s enough warehousing on it.

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