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Atlas Fallen: Console hotfix was coming soon

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In the latest download, find out what issues will be sorted in the first hotfix for Atlas Fallen on consoles.

Focus Entertainment discussed the first tin for Atlas Fallen. This hotfix, available for PC, will soon be available for consoles, and in particular it’s all set to be dealt with before the release on Friday.

You can easily go to the theater and play.


Sometimes a crash occurs during the watcher Fury [Rengh; Fixed)?.


The sharder kept his shield forever, even if its timing had been bad.

Voice Over

A few missing Voice Over line in German now can be found in the game with correct timing.


It was possible to trigger a rare blocker when both players shook their hands in coop => fixed; and lowered their coop =>.

Essence Stone

The enduring rooster of the Earth can make an impossible appearance if the Watchers Fury in the Wildlands level wasn’t done before main quest progress?> The stone is now being sold by the Traveling Vendor in the Citadel level, if you missed the roster, can can easily be made with this man’s sword. The Protective Instinct Essence Stone is quite dangerous, if the Conjurers dropped her 2 fights against him – and the Conjurers now respawn on the river level, whose respawned is from the jungle.


In rare cases, Pre-order DLC won’t unlock with a intended Anvil in the Wastelands, but in a Anvil later in the game — even later; Pre-order DLC now unlock with a intended anvil in the Wastelands, albeit with the intended Anvil in the Wastelands.

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