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ATLUS confirms release date for Persona 3 Reload

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The newest release of persona 3 Reload is scheduled for the 2nd of february 2024, the ATLUS West announced today.

After a leak in June, the fans were shocked by the revival of this iconic Persona title, but eagerly learned the exact time of its release. The game finally reached its final release in August — and that was his first of its kind and the developers and producers agreed to confirm the release date, thereby showing how close we are to the launch.

Remember to remind yourself even if you forget about us. Reload your fate by persona three, leaving Feb. 2, 2024. Pre-orders now! https://t.co/lFvNMJu27i pic.twitter.com/It9RWVTWm4: www.t.co.uk/.

ATLUS West (@Atlus_West) August 23 2023.

ATLUS West also revealed an online link for preorder, which covers online and digital copies on Xbox Game Pass, Xbox X|S, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, (5), 4), 4 p.m. The preorder also covers various digital versions, some of which offer a digital art book and a DLC pack.

The show even provided a new trailer, which showed the new persona 5-stylized graphics and fully animated cutscenes. Unlike Persona 3 Portable, all locations in Persona 3 Reload can be explored on foot again, enabling players to explore Gekkoukan High School, the SEES Dorm and other iconic sites in exchange for pointing and clicking on the map. Though the player doesn’t understand, whether the party members may be controllable in combat like in the later titles, or whether the Persona 3 Reload will base its combat on the original title and Persona 3: FES. In a way that party members were controlled by the computer, a player was in a frenzied position.

Another important factor in that trailer is that the female primary character (lovingly dated FeMC by the persona community) and the Answer Arc that follows the original games main story in Persona 3 seem to be omitted from Persona 3 Reload, which will disappoint many fans. Not all of these routes are without its final use, though, the Ken Amada social link was also proof of, with the fact that it was the only one which went with FeMC in Persona 3: Portable. Since DLC is already confirmed as part of the game, it’s not completely impossible that this content will appear in future installments.

This game was never released until 2009 – for the first time again, this title will definitely attract many players who have never experienced this story before. While some of the cut content bumming out young players, it could be announced in the future, as long as we reach this games release, and also more info that it will improve its current reception.

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