Aurora’s Journey & The Pitiful Lackey due out Mid-January


The Not So Great Team and SIE Espana announced an official release date for Aurora’s Journey and The Pitiful Lackey, set for January. It was confirmed that the game will finally take place on January 13th, 2023. You’ll get to play that powered platformer set in the 1920s. There’s the latest trailer and info here, as the game is going to be released on PC via Steam, and also for PlayStation consoles.

Good note: This not the very best-class team ever is!

“Afrena Aylesworth, a young Astronomy student who lived in 1927 with Lackey, a robot group known as the Robotos who entered the world 19 years ago. The mysterious note with details of Aurora’s missing father, who disappeared four years ago while researching the roboto spaceship Eureka, will lead them to a study journey based on new clues. What kind of friends, foes and surprising facts is Aurora going to find on his way toward the truth? Aurora’s Journey is a adventure with storylines and humor, and the mechanics of Run & Gun. Tell the characters in order to make this story interesting, earn money in different mini-games, and steal money from different games and upgrade your equipment, and fight wild enemies to learn that Aurora’s father is gone and unravel the mystery of the Eureka ship. The lackey will be our follower, Aurora’s faithful henchman and a friend, whom we can throw against enemies and even use to solve problems like puzzles. We’ll have to wait for her to calm down, but watch his dignity. If it gets too low he doesn’t listen to us.

  • Take Aurora and Lackey to the rest of the world on the sidescrolling adventure of creating and preparing elements that build on shooting and platforming.
  • Investigate the whereabouts of Aurora’s father by talking to friends and strangers and unravel the mystery of Eureka.
  • Use the tools and gadgets used by the friend who worked with Aurora’s professor Rachmaninoff, to help her along the way while in danger.


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