Avatar: The Water Way officially carries 1 million pounds in boxes, breaking the record in 2022


Avatar: The Way of Water passed it 1 billion dollars earned at the box office now that data is official, and he did it by establishing the speed record in reaching that milestone compared to the other films of 2022.

It’s the third film to achieve this result in the year, after the best-known titles such as the famous ‘Jamesi’, and Avatar: Avatar the world’s second fastest, and the fastest in the world. The film with James Cameron actually lasted 14 days.

We are obviously talking about the global market, so the film distribution in China played a pivotal role, where it seems that Avatar is doing well. After an underoptimal start in the North America region, where the movie surpassed Disney’s $150 million target in its first week (the opening was $134.1 million), the film was strongly boosted by overseas results.

In the global marketplace, Avatar raised more than three million dollars, plus $780 million from the American domestic market, who brought total into the world. If a filmmaker does take a test of the world’s best-known films, the results of the film, he says, show that this is a good start, it’s likely that a few months ago, a movie that is based on the calculations of the manufacturer, Avatar: The Water Trail will be the top ten with the highest earnings ever, and so will the need to survive to break the stage.

Because of the official figures arrived, the last few hours were not satisfied and confirmed, such as the first half of the money spent in the box office for James Cameron’s new film. This is an interesting review.


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