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AVM of the IFA Special The maker of FRITZ!Box is a moving forward towards the fiber-optic and smart home future

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When will the fiber optics come out? Not only for gamers, but also for the players, this question is of great importance now. But network expansion isn’t continuing fast everywhere. These tariffs are not exactly bargains and some people want a higher price if they want or want to save money. The new top-of-the-range router, which AVM has already presented at the IFA in Berlin and is expected to be available for the fourth quarter of this year, makes all the difference.

The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro combines fiber optics with DSL together in a single device. The idea behind that is to prepare for the future with one device and, in all likelihood, all possibleities. The new Super FRITZ!Box features Wireless Internet access, Zigbee and DECT, a powerful processor with Gigabit LAN and numerous networking possibilities. In the other hand, it can handle all the common fiber optic connections and be adapted to the GPON and AON standards, as well as by the 2.5 Gbit/s WAN port on a fiber optic modem. If you don’t have fiber optics at home yet or you’d like to book a DSL connection for a few months then that is not a problem. The 5690 Pro can work with all DSL variants, including supervectoring for up to 300MHz bypasses. The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro transmits high data rates of up to 17-to-18 gbit/s in three frequencies of 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz and 6 GHz, according to the Wi-Fi standard. The 6 GHz band, which is first incorporated, is exclusively used for your WiFi, which is why you can run many wireless mobile devices at high speeds.

The design is easy to use in both the WLAN and the Connect buttons. It has a type of classic Filofax, or, alternatively, brings to mind the tabs necessary for the browser. In any case, the piece of jewelry should look good on a bookshelf. It’s not only the appeal, but also the features. The FRITZ!Box 5690 Pro is a powerful tri-band WLAN router that supports fast Wi-Fi 7. In that respect, flexibility is the primary means of doing that because the older devices are also already compatible. In addition, the Smart-Hall standard Zigbee and the wireless transmission standard DECT Ultra Low Energy, or ULE for short, were integrated. This makes the FRITZ!Box a smart home center that is compatible with all types of items like lamps, teleporters, sensors, thermostats and many more. Both standards support strong and secure connections in a home network that is highly intelligent and robust.

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