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Baldurs Gate 3 Built for PS5 From Day one. DualSense features detailed details

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Because of the complexities, Baldurs Gate 3 would not be able to turn to console smooth. Nevertheless, according to Larian Studios, the complex RPG was built for PS5 since the initial day.

The bays on the 3ps5 of Baldurs has many exclusive features.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog, product manager Emily Gera said that it was built for PS5 from the start of the first day and talked about how the team decided to adapt everything to a controller. A radical menu – like that usually happens with various ports – played a big role, and players even tailor those menus on their own to meet their demands.

We took the interface and streamlined it, making our original UI more accessible to your users, says Gera. Using the trigger button, your most essential tools can be easily accessed. This allows you to get access to your map, journal, squatters, characters, weapons, tanks, guns, weaponry, and weapons, such as weapons and techniques.

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Game director Swen Vincke told PlayStation Access that the studio completely transformed the user experience for the port and worked on it for a long time, so it would be a pleasant location for the battery.

Players control their avatar via analog, but also through point-and-click mode to emulate the movement of the computer. Vincke even noted that the studio dropped a camera for this port, so this sounds very natural, since it is more closely related to other console action games. You can zoom the right stick, but you should take a tactical view.

Those occupants of PS5 will even get some exclusive features, even if they are small. The dual-sense lightbar is light as well as the shit. The brightness will grow, by a moment of a greater pressure, and will be followed by a haptic feedback. Status effects will have dual sensual lightbars, too. The adaptive triggers seem to have more gameplay relevance, as a slight pull will show just a bit of radial menus, while a harder press will reveal more of it.

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