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Baldurs Gate 3 devs confirm more than 1,000,000 fixes, changes coming in the first major patch

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Baldurs Gate 3 is in the hunt for its first major patch, after a great launch, and Larian Studios promised players its more than 1,000 fixes and improvements would make the critically-acclaimed role-playing title more enjoyable than its predecessor. Swen Vincke confirmed that on the 15th of August, the developer-founder confirmed this.

Vincke said that while the team are enthusiastic about all the positive feedback, their focus is on tackling all issues that have already been reported, with around one million of them going to happen in the first patch. What slips through cracks will be fixed in the next patch that follows.

We all feel a lot about your feedback. This is very rewarding. We focus on every question you report, but we listen to suggestions. The current roadmap is for a) Hotfix 4, b) ‘Hats 1 (+1000 bugs and modifications), c) ‘Hats 2. The latter will include some requests already.

Sammona! (@LarAtLarian) July 15 – 2023.

The team released three hotfixes, the latest one coming live on August 8 to complete the most serious crashes and bugs. The issue has been fixed, and a fourth hotfix is already on offer. The post is likely to be the first to go.

As well as all the promised fixes and tweaks, players have put together a list of quality-of-life features they hope will be included into the patch, too. There was a very important decision when the playthrough began. They have already confirmed their intentions, but they did not have enough time for that.

It also included the ability to search all the players companions’ items even if they aren’t active parties members. That makes the Mage Hand Cantrip as easy as one quick trip, as well as more.

The developers are listening actively to these requests, but their priority is now fixing things that don’t work as planned.

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