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Baldurs Gate 3 Fan makes a useful Crossover Video that converts BG3 Into a BARGE

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Playing video games like Baldurs Gate 3 are all part of the fun. Being able to see some newer characters as well as sharing them with the more experienced players is a huge draw, particularly in the hugely popular games that everybody wants to talk about.

Some players use this opportunity to get creative by using images of the game to spin their own projects, with entertaining results. On first glance, we wouldn’t imagine the beloved 80s sitcom Friends and Baldurs Gate 3 have a lot in common. Yet one twitter user saw a chance and ran with it. It creates a hilarious crossover video that combines two of the two.

Meet the new members of friends.

Not everyone would look at the key companions of Baldurs Gate 3 and think of Rachel, Ross, Chandler, Monica and Joey, but that’s exactly what @seiShoVT did with this masterpiece.

So nobody told you you’re off to Baldurs Gaaaaate*clapclap*Your mind just broke. They stuck a tadpole in your braaaaain https://t.co/99qXgHA4PG.

Larian Studios (@larianstudios) September 25, 2023.

They took to Twitter to share the video that re-imagines the opening theme of Friends using Baldurs Gate 3 characters. The creation was so impressive that Larian Studios retweeded the post, as well as the lyrics.

The video is released on the Baldurs Gate 3 animated theme. @seiShoVT isn’t making fun of the first two credits. As we approach a fountain with a stone bench around, each of the core NPC friends leaps into a wonderful note from the Friends theme.

From there, we hone the montage to show each character as they were the actors in the sitcom. The party’s gathering begins to be repeated in front of the fountain, each of whom plays a musical instrument. When the film fades to black, you can still expect it to have become more and more interesting since it was transitioning to a Baldurs Gate 3, a sitcom with that cast of characters.

Currently, the consensus is that Gale doesn’t seem to have any good idea why she’s doing this. While some people are busy fantasizing, others are reworking songs that are suitable to the theme song to suit the game, with the exception of the “Cause I have never left” ones. It’s fun. I’ve been here all year long.

Fans created horror, which are all fun and games, but we wonder what other fictional characters would be like. As one user of Twitter asks @LarianStudios, when will this be in the stream?

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