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Baldurs Gate 3 is all crazy about Shadowheart: was a favorite affair between the players

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After the record release of the 2010 Baldurs Gate 3 and with a bit of preparation for the second big patch, the guys at Larian Studios are still trying to make some money for some good games and statistics.

The numbers of Larian are incredible: in the launch weekend alone, gamers accumulated twelve25 years of play (mostly after a long period of playing) and, by now, the time spent learning the game is spent, make the author joke. There are also 368 user basemen who can complete the campaign in three days. If this isn’t dedication, we should try and do so.

We learn that half-elves, humans and elves are absolute favourite races of gamers, most closely tied to each other; however the best class ever suited to the Paladin class was the highest of the class. Only seven % of players preferred to start a Origin story, instead of the 93% who chose to choose a customized fighter. In the first case, Gale was the most selected character in the world, followed by Karlach and Astarion.

Let’s add a little spice to the statistics by reminding me that many users have decided to go on a love affair with Shadowheart, who luckily can be elected as the best kind of character that ever has come to our attention. For the most romantically desired party members, Galewhile sorry for the over 100 thousand players who had been rejected by Astarionforced to try again in a second playthrough.

You, who did you take the quiz?

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