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Baldurs Gate 3, Patch 2 is coming soon: Larian anticipated its contents

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While waiting for the move to PAX West to show the PS5 version of Baldurs Gate 3, the Larian studios confirm they are working on Patch 2, a substantial update that will introduce lots of improvements and optimizations.

The Larian team starts on social media before drawing out a handbook of the interventions being carried out to further improve the gaming experience, the graphics sector and the performance of the role-playing masterpiece that recently landed on PC following a long Early Access Phase.

According to what the Belgian software house said about Baldurs Gate 3 the second big bug presents major performance improvements, many optimizations and begins the work that will keep us busy with adding your suggestions into the Origin character epilogues. We will share all the details of Patch 2 soon.

Those studios are therefore choosing to start with the suggestions to accommodate the changes and adds to the emojis of the preset characters. To find out the update date, and to browse the update notes, please invite us to explore the Forgotten Realms of the Larian RPG blockbuster by reading Baldurs Gate 3 our review of the project.

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