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Baldurs Gate 3s Upcoming Patch Fixes Over 1000 Bugs & Adds Most Requested Features

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A big update & bug fixes are coming to Baldurs Gate 3 – a new patch is coming in development that will add requested features and address glitches that have been reported to Larian Studios. Even though the game is very important in its retail form, there still are many issues to address at this point.

The game’s owner reported many problems on social media, mainly with minor graphical problems to more significant issues, such as the accident of the first game. That way, developers would be devastated online for such glitches, especially since the titles were in Early Access for years. But Baldurs Gate is a huge game. Nowadays fans have been forgiving of its foibles.

The 3rd Tor Tor from Baldurs is on its way.

A new patch called Baldurs Gate 3 is on the cards. Swen Vincke announced on Twitter that he’s working on a hotfix and two fixes. The content based on all of the feedback received by the fan, and on all the messages received from the residents with regards to all the bugs and crashes which were spreading to Baldurs Gate 3.

Your feedback inspires us all. It’s very rewarding. Our focus is on the correction of any issues which you report. In other words, we listen to the suggestions. The original roadmap is as follows: a) Hotfix 4; b) Patch 1 (+1000 fixes and tweaks), c) Patch 2. That latter will allow some new requests.

Y. Y. @where? (@LarAtLarian) August 15, 2023

There’s the next update, Hotfix 4, which is likely to be out soon. Next, the first major patch for Baldurs Gate 3 will be followed. This patch will give the game over 1000 fixes. It’s difficult to predict what will be corrected in this update, since there are so many major and minor issues that literally nothing could be a thing of its kind with Baldurs Gate 3.

Following the first major patch, a second will also introduce fan requests into the game. This is more nebulous, as fans demanded many things from the adye preview option in the Baldurs Gate 3 to making the humans not suck. It’s unclear how much these modifications will change the game, the more new features become introduced and the more bugs they will cause.

The reception to Baldurs Gate 3 was extremely positive. There are many cases where fans have been hesitant to read the game, not because it is so fun to play the game, and that plays a funny story that will turn all the players into a decision. As the console launch closer, fans’ hopes will get a much more stable version of the game. Larian has the chance to fix the problems encountered by the PC audience.

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