Bancs: Bad News Eagles aren’t joining GUDENT


As a combustible sports host, interviewer and manager of the Bad News Eagles team, James Banks spoke publicly today on Twitter saying that the players aren’t signing with GODSENT as the community thought.

I don’t know where these rumors came from, but bad news acrobats aren’t joining GODSENT, Banks said. They had a great offer for us, but had the advantage of representing them at the major, as opposed to expanding them, that we didn’t agree to. There was no further conversation on the matter.

I don’t know where these rumours come from, but @_badnewseagles don’t join GODSENT. They had a good offer for us, but that was based on the fact that they represented them at the last major with an alternative, which we did not agree to do. Eventually there were no more discussions. / 3:01 / 2:09 – 3:00 a.m.

James Banks (@BanKsEsports) January 4:2023.

Banks said in an early statement that Portuguese outlet Fraglider reported yesterday that Bad News Eagles would very probably play under GODSENT in 2023, after spending almost 2022 as an orgless project.

In addition to the sales of head coach and assistant coach, GODSENT has been around the competitive CS:GO scene since June 2022, when it sold TACO, Eduardo dumau Wolkmer, and Bruno latto Rebelatto to 00 Nation. The Swedish organization appointed Emil HeatoN Christensen, former CS 1.6 legend and former Ninjas the co-CEO of the Pyjamas exec, and told the show that it’s intention to return to Valves FPS.

Now that Banks denied that the Bad News Eagles quintet of Sener SENER1 Mahmuti, Genc gxx- Kolgeci, Flatron juanflatroo Halimi, Dionis sinnopsyy Budeci, and Rigon Gashi will go GODSENT, it’s unclear whether the Kosovar team will continue playing for themselves in 2023 or if they will join an esports group in time for the ELEAGUE Paris Major cycle.


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