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Bandai Namco is still working on a Nintendo Remaster

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A new job has confirmed that Bandai Namco’s working on a remaster for Nintendo’s properties. In the job description, the post ‘the Japanese market’ flipped the line: “You will develop a 3D action game project into a planer for the design and development of a 3D action game,” that was written in the magazine’s original Japanese website. They didn’t really do any great thing to hide what they were working on beyond the fact that they didn’t reveal any details about the content of the game or its name. We know how this game is, it’s a 3D action title, with the focus being on the background art team’s stage and level design and building a better user experience.

The company was already thought to work on a Nintendo remaster back in April 2022, but couldn’t confirm what game they were working on, beyond the idea it was either a N64 or a GameCube title. If you believe the rumor mill, the game, which people think is most likely being worked on at that point is Kid Icarus Uprising, as the game Bandai Namco is being developed by Sora Ltd, and that game was directed by Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai. However, people all assume this title because of the metroid. It could be cool to see Kid Icarus make another comeback, as it’s a Nintendo property with which the Mario series don’t get very much love. For our part, the company may use more intellectual property. Given that they’re hiring for such a job, it’s very easy to assume that we won’t be watching any game this is until at least 2024. We’ll still have to keep going until an announcement is made.

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