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Barbarian tale. The Beastmaster has announced a new book for PC & Consoles

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The creators of this new novel, Dormidin Studio and SelectaPlay, announced this week an animated animation feature, Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster. This particular title is a classic 2D movie game that fits into Metroidvania’s style as you attempt revenge. There were two people and three people in this game’s world that had broken in a brief peace. Watch the video below as it looks like the game will be coming out in 2024.

Credit: SelectaPlay.

After the long, long-time peace followed the wars of the portals that devastated the country, new war will threaten its inhabitants. The new king of Imperia and Sacred Kingdom declared war against humans through the services of the last and last Wizards of Arborea: Trece III and their generals. This is the moment of the prophecy, the moment where the chosen person will unite men and beasts to bring peace. Welcome to Arborea. Welcome to Barbarian Saga: The Beastmaster.

  • You are the last of the Beastmasters. Use the soul of animals and creatures to grow in adventure.
  • Visit the metroidvania map to learn, open new paths and unlock new routes with your wizard magic. Evil and sorcery lurk in all corners.
  • Make a ritual necklace of beads, and discover plant roots that will change your damage, life, or Mana.
  • Enhance your skills and acquire new items by entering duels in different arenas. Battles use close cameras and energy bars like in the classic fighting games.
  • Find new sword techniques that you learned from your old Sensei, use magic potions and summon curses. Thanks to your sword you’re a god of power.
  • Each adventure will allow you to learn more, and communicate with them, and create new missions arcs and even completely different endings.

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