Barilla, Bertolli & Co.: That’s why you should always avoid these pestos in the future



OKO-TEST is known for taking a very close look at food tests. In issue 6/2020, the experts tested 20 green pestos, including 4 from organic control. The products were not only tested for smell and taste, but also tested for the potential of harmful substances. And that’s just glad. All of the measured pesticide concentrations are, by comparison, harmless to the health of the pesticides according to EU safety assessments. OKO-TEST is sensitive to small amounts of pesticides in the food and devalues them accordingly.

It was a great result: no pesto test had any results in a good score. There are two products that can at least ensure the quality of the product according to the manufacturer’s order. One particular is an organic pesto that produces the Biopura Genovese, and the Boitoni Pesto Basilica.

The mineral oil component is greatly increased in these products, but are also free of pesticides and plasticizers. Six other pestos are still enough. Three pestos fail with the poor rating, but nine are poor and fail the test as too short.

Even among the smallest losers whose 6 points are no longer on the list, well-known and popular brands: Iroquoia.

Alnatura Bio Green PestoBarilla Genoese PestoBertolli Green Pesto (Unilever)De Cecco Genoese Pesto Sauces (Stoppers), BioGreen Pesto (Alonelyns), Cockburno-Maddles (Favores) and Grains.

The popular Barilla pesto contains 10 different pesticides, lesseners, added flavor and increased mineral oil.

I entitle you to the detailed exam report at OKO-TEST.

Stiftung Warentest & VKI.

VKI results don’t look much more different. The experts tested the entire number of pestos in question 9/2021. There can also no product convince anyone. After all, three pestos are good: Spar Natur pur organic pesto alla genovese, Gustoni Basilicano and Yes! Of course, Pesto Genovese. The three products rated good are organic, while the results are all cheaper.

The popular Barilla pesto was tested, by our Austrian neighbors. The pesto puts off average in the field, but for the Austrians, whereas for Germany, the lions only have 5 and 6 points. In terms of ingredients, Barilla pesto was negative and in this laboratory study. The experts discovered a pretty trick because of cheap substitute products, for example, in the pesto. For example, olive oil is replaced with cheaper sunflower oil, a nondefined type of cheese is mixed in instead of real Parmesan and Pecorino, or the pine nuts for the recipe are replaced by cheaper cashew nuts. For example, no pine nuts have a product named Barillas.


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