Based on this infographic, Fallout 76 is still alive and kicking


A total of 13,5 millions players is the most important player to play.

Fallout 76 shook a fright from its releasewow over four years ago. It’s crazy to think how many things changed since then. Fallout 76 included! In recent years it’s becoming an important ally. This week, Bethesda released a twenty22 retrospective, which includes an infographic.

As has been said, there is everything that matters, from useful to boring.

If you play the game, you may find some of the useless facts humorous. The thumbs up taking the crown as the most popular emote, or the fact that a half million nukes have been dropped. Wow, folks like forest locations, because they prefer to house their camps. Boiled water is the more prepared – if not the most prepared – drink.

The massive new pictures of the Pitt and the new season already starting, and more importantly, what has to do withFallout 76. It should have some combination of free access via Game Pass and a well-trained mix of big/bigger patches.

A terrific recap in Fallout 76 2022.


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