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BeamNG Drive gets an updated new massive upgrade in Early Access

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Indie developer and publisher BeamNG released a massive update for their racing title BeamNG Drive, adding a new area. That update is one of many they’ve been adding to the game throughout the year, as they have basically just just added content to games that have been in Early Access since 2015. Even though there doesn’t seem to be any plans to fully release the game at this moment, they’re looking to give players content they can enjoy to tide them over. The new update, which is technically called v0.27, has expanded to the Johnson Valley location, creating a new off-road experience. They also have a new set of cars, new terrains and a new set of trips. You can read more here and see the latest trailer.

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“Embrace the dirt of Johnson Valley, a 10 km2 playground with deer, hard, and an expanse of rock-crawling paths, and a wide array of filthy paths to burn. Inspired by the real-life Southern Californian counterpart, the map was meticulously crafted to test even the most refined skill sets. Drivers can complete over thirty new missions, together with two new missions: Collection and Evade. For those who prefer to follow the cruise control, there are plenty of options to explore throughout the awe-strengthy landscape of the Johnson Valley.

The vista of this enchanting place is fun, but not boring, without tearing it up with a new tool? The update allows five vehicles to be delivered to drivers’ garages: SP Dunekicker, SP Rockbasher,Autobello Piccolina,Autobello Stambecco, andFPU Wydra. From traversing the bay to challenging climbing verticals, all vehicles deliver unique solutions to Johnson Valley’s varied terrain. Using the new vehicle together, BeamNG’s new bypass shock absorber simulation and revamped EVs simulations deliver the latest advances in the off-road simulation technology.


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