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Bear and Breakfast become Nintendo Switch Physical Edition

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Developer Gummy Cat and developer Armor Games Studio have developed a Physical Edition for Bear & Breakfast. The team is offering several different options. The first is a box with the Standard Edition. The second edition includes six premium postcards, a reversible cover sheet and a digital soundtrack code. The third is the Exclusive Edition. All this goes on a separate note, and the motel-style keychain as seen above. You can pre-order them directly in the store.

Credit: iam8bit.

“Bear & Breakfast” is a laid-back management adventure game where you play as a well-meaning bear trying to be a B+B in the woods. Hank and his friends find an abandoned shack, and after a rich teenage genius, he transformed it into a money-making bed-and-break plan for unmasked tourists. As you expand your business, the mysteries of the forest are at work, and Hank finds himself spotting a plot deeper than the wilderness itself. Add a pool of guests, bathroom, parlors, and entertainment. The room itself can be personalized all the time, from furniture to fixtures. Bring visitors into the forest to stay at your hotel.

“Make an appointment, earn money, and attract new customers! Complete quests and storylines to obtain new items and perks for your inn. Uncover an extraordinary world of lore, secrets, and characters. You will fall in love with the fascinating stories of the world of Bear and Breakfast, as well as seeing a multitude of interesting people and weirdos. These are mostly the ones that you want to speak to about your interests. And if you don’t take some time out of your day to hear, they will give you a boost to your shack! Not everybody is like that. Are you exhausted to search deep within the forest and your soul to find the mysteries deep inside?

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