Bellatores stayed silent for a half-year after he received $33,3M in investment


If an up-and-coming MMORPG enjoys a $33,3 million windfall, it isn’t surprising. But in Nelsen Bellatores, its more about remark.

As mentioned earlier this year, Bellatores (formerly known as Project N1) is a medieval, in-development-based MMO that was heavily promoting its Unreal Engine 5 graphics as a key selling point. After the site stumbled onto the scene with a debut announcement, a couple of MMO Culture posts regarding 25,3 and 8,3 million dollar respective investments for the project were reported.

But this was back in May and I’ve heard nothing since now. Korean developer Nyou has posted about what fans want to devour, and the games social media presence is basically ill-informed. In initial words, Nyou said Bellatores was set to arrive at the end of 2022, but that didn’t matter. Even those in Discord appear completely unprepared.

The project is completely completed or did the studio simply go radio silence for western players as it continues development? Keep it eyeing.

Where is the site of Bellatores fan, MMO Culture?


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