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Below are all the new features Microsoft added to Teams in December 2022

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Towards the end of each month, Microsoft publishes a summary of all the features it added to selected pieces of software during the month. And while the company released its Excel roundup early for the holiday season, it looks like the Teams development team has decided to stick to its regular schedule and only now detailed all the latest additions to the communication and collaboration tool.

Starting with chat and collaboration improvements, we have the ability to delete chats without affecting other members of the chat, along with the ability to respond to specific messages with up to 800 emojis. Another productivity improvement allows users to add new members to a chat using the “@” symbol rather than using the dialog box. Furthermore, AI-powered suggestions will now be offered, recommending friends to chat with while you spin. Finally, the Resource Specific Consent (RSC) permissions model has been extended to cover chats and channels, and up to two participants can be designated for sign language display with the ability to also enable subtitles in all sessions.

On the device side, we have improvements to the whiteboard and Microsoft Teams rooms in Android Update 3, which we covered in detail here. Recently approved Teams devices include Neat Bar Pro, Jabra Evolve Buds, Jabra Evolve 2 55 (Jabra also recently fixed a Teams issue with its Engage 75 headset), and the EPOS EXPAND Vision 1.

Meanwhile, improvements to the platform include the ability to save an approval request as a PDF file for saving, printing and sharing. Similarly, Adobe Acrobat has new integration for a seamless PDF experience in Teams.

FinallyFrontline workers using shared devices can now leverage the Edge and Yammer apps on Android alongside Teams, while government customers have the ability to view the meeting transcript in Teams on Android and iOS.

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