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Below are the different size options in which the Samsung Galaxy Ring may appear

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The Galaxy Ring, which is one of the products expected to debut at today’s Galaxy Unpacked event, has been leaked multiple times. The Galaxy Ring is expected to launch alongside the Galaxy Z Flip6 series, Galaxy Z Fold6, Galaxy Watch7, Galaxy Watch Ultra and Galaxy Buds3.

Recently, the leaked pricing of the Galaxy Ring suggested that you might have to spend more than the most popular health ring, the Oura Ring. Last month, leaked mosaic images confirmed the design of the Galaxy Ring.

The Galaxy Ring’s FCC certification also gave us a glimpse of the different ring sizes the Galaxy Ring might be available in. Roland Quandt has surfaced online, featuring the Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit, which contains various sizing options.

According to the images leaked by Quandt, Samsung is expected to offer customers the Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit. This will help them determine the correct ring size for the galaxy ring. The pictures show the size set, which contains nine different sizes of the Galaxy ring. The sizes range from number 5 to number 13.

It is also expected that the Galaxy Ring Sizing kit will be offered to potential buyers before the actual delivery of the unit. Once the measurement kit is provided, users can determine the exact size, and based on that, they can go ahead and purchase the Galaxy Ring.

There may be a timeline to proceed with the order after sizing with the Galaxy Ring Sizing Kit. The gauge set contains, as shown in the leaked images, what appear to be dummy Galaxy Ring units of various sizes. It is also expected that the largest size ring will come with the largest battery of all other sizes.

Previously, details about the Galaxy Ring charging case also appeared in the leak. Several strings of code were also found inside the Samsung Find app, suggesting that users will be able to find their lost Galaxy Ring using the app.

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