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Ben Affleck is probably adding antagonistic roles to the Marvel Cinematic Universe

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Don’t celebrate yet, but Ben Affleck is reportedly in talks with Marvel Studios about a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Ben Affleck has different antagonistic roles than we usually see from him.

Ben Affleck talked with Marvel Studios to play Dario Agger in an upcoming project.

MyTimeToYello (@MyTimeToYH) December 28, 2022.

MyTimeToShineHello, a trustworthy Marvel insider, began to tell the news that Affleck switched to the other side. Specifically, the source claims that Ben Affleck and Marvel Studios are talking about the possibility that the DCEU star plays Dario Agger.

If yes, Affleck could return to Marvel Studios, but in an antagonistic role.

Marvel Studios did a great job bringing lesser-known heroes and villains from Marvel comics into the spotlight, and Dario Agger might become more mainstream. Agger is the CEO of Roxxon Energy Corporation, and sold his soul to become a literal minotaur. Asgard is a common enemy in the art of being associated with him, namely, he is specific to both Malekith and the Dark Elves and the Dark Council, as well as trying to conquer Asgard.

Affleck is definitely very interested in coming from acting like a “liver” to a celebrity for the DCU’s resident genius. Mr. Barnett, a playboy and a philanthropist, a billionaire, a playboy, and a philanthropist to a world with a friend like Lex Luthor.

However, until we get official confirmation, it’s best to consider this a very interesting but very unlikely rumor.

If Affleck joins the MCU in a minotaur, he will join Rintrah as the only minotaurs in the cinematic universe.

Affleck’s technically still a member of the DC Extended Universe with at least two confirmed appearances for The Flash and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which premieres on June 16 and December 25 respectively. It’s not good to think about that but it’s no accident that this year’s DCEU movie slate can be seen. We don’t say that James Gunn will recast everybody, it’s that he’s done it already. With Henry Cavill, The Rock, and even Gal Gadot, both not part of the DCEU, it would be good if Affleck followed suit, too.

In either case, we’ll likely never find out what the future holds for Affleck as a future-proofer of MCUs until after he is satisfied with the duties of the DCEU.

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