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Beow: Elon Musk fell asleep at Tesla’s wheel, according to analysts

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The pack needs a new leader.

Last quarter, Tesla shipped 33,000 electric vehicles, this level was new record, and a new record will definitely be set in the current quarter, but the result of increased volume of deliveries of this brand is not enough to reach 50% more in the next year’s revenue. Analysts at Wedbush Securities said that they still have strong confidence in this companys potential.

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If Tesla manages to ship between 410,000 and 45,000 electric vehicles in the quarter, it will then allow the company to double its annual output by 40 percent. So the real deal is that it would be a disappointment for many investors, but with the same success as the predecessor.


Thirty-two for fifty tr in Citylink for 30 o’clock.

In Citylink, MSI 3050 for 28 tr for 28.

4080, used in Regarde, for 100+ dollars, for more than 30 days.

A computer at citylinks on the 10th of March.

13900 kilo, according to OLD class 62.

5 types of 4090 in Citylink at normal prices.

Xitra KF cheap at Regard.

RTX 4080 6 types in Regard.

Ryzen 7600 4.7GHz price has dropped slightly.

13600K from Regard.

The latter clearly don’t want to face the fact that Musk is increasingly distracted by the recent acquisition of Twitter. The whole electric car industry is now facing difficult times now: costs and prices are rising, and demand is declining. According to Wedbush’s representatives, the company has to enter a storm of the fifth category, and Elon Musk fell asleep on the wheel. The head of Tesla continues to ignore his own mistakes – claiming that the share price is declining due to the policies of the US monetary authorities in the field of changing the refinancing rate. Even Musks promises to stop selling Tesla shares until 2024, can’t stop the company’s share price falling. It continued to decline with a slight increase.


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