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Best free games for Xbox 360, PlayStation 5 and Xbox 360

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The PS5 and Xbox Series X have some great games at good prices, but some of the best games are free.

You get paid too much free time, too. They’re very popular in their name. Then again maybe you have never really touched any free games on your console. But you shouldn’t immediately dismiss them as they are pretty good if given a chance. Most of the games available on this list will be free for the Xbox and the PS5 versions. However, there may be a few that only on one console or another.

There are already more than enough games to satisfy both sites of console users.

Games for your PS5 & PS4 Series.

Most of the games under this list should be available both on the two consoles. With exception of one or two games. There’s a lot of free games available on PS5 and Xbox 360, but we found these top-tier options worth checking out first.

Game Platform Micro Transactions Dauntless PlayStation, Xbox One. Yes Apex Legends Playstations, Xbox Ones, etc. Yes Fortnite Nintendo, Xbox One and Sony are both in the mix. Yes Warframe PlayStation, Xbox One! Yes Rocket League Xbox One and PlayStation 3. Yes Genshin Impact PlayStation Yes Paladins PlayStation 3 is Xbox One. Yes Overwatch 2 PlayStation, Xbox One, etc. Yes Warzone 2.0 PS3, Xbox One, and PlayStation X. Yes Warface Xbox One, PlayStation 3. Yes Bless Unleashed PlayStation, Xbox One and PlayStation One. Yes Destiny 2 PlayStation, Xbox One. Yes Travel From Exile: The sex of the war. PlayStation 2, Xbox 360. Yes Multi Versus PlayStation One, Xbox One, Xbox One. Yes


  • Platform: PlayStation, Xbox One.
  • Micro-transactions: Yes!

Think of Dauntless as a free-to-play version of Monster Hunter. You’ve started hunting giant beasts in the game called Behemoths, and you can party with up to 4 people in your group.

The cool thing about this game is that it doesn’t really focus on the PvP or battle royale style. Instead of a group, you can take down big monsters with other players.

Despite his co-op style, there is a lot to offer. Include character customization with weapons and all the stuff that make up the gear loadout. There’s already a lot of Behemoths in the game, since its last year is still not over. But new content patches continue to come out that promise to add more behemoths to hunt.

Apex Legends

  • Platform: Xbox, PlayStation.
  • Microtransactions: Yes.

Take one of the best parts about Battle Royale and Overwatch and mix them and have Apex Legends.

This is a multiplayer battle royale game. This means the players should get similar gameplay to Fortnite, which is on the list as well. That’s not what the character likes is the number of different characters with their own abilities. By incorporating an ultimate that can help wring the tide of the battle.

Swindle against many players, try to become the last team to stand. This world is covered in endless areas with treasure and other things to discover, so go shopping and discover frequently. You never know what’s possible to stumble upon.

You also can play either solo or in groups. You may do that if you want to meet up with friends.


  • Platform: Logic, game, etc.
  • Microsecurities: Yes.

Fortnite is one of the most popular battle royale games. It is one of the free games for free that you can play on PS5 and Xbox X. To be sure, the next-gen versions of this game have been updated to support the next-gen console upgrades. I want better frames per second.

Fortnite is like a cliff, well yes, the other half is like a dragon. You are hoping to become the last team or person standing on a large map with a shrinking play area. But it adds a certain number of unique features to the mix. Like the ability to collect material and craft on the fly while on the battlefield. A wall to protect you against bullet fire or a sniper perch to take out enemies from afar.

There are also other play modes, which combine the gameplay a bit bit from the standard mode many people play. And it includes a large number of customization options. From emotes to characters and more.


  • The following are the two platforms: Xbox and PlayStation.
  • Micro-transactions: Yes.

Warframe is the first player in this list, and what a doozy it is to an MMO. Warframe is not traditional or advanced tool-like tool, but it is a second-person action shooter (and fighting melee), with enhanced capabilities like MMO. Then we go after Destiny 2.

There are dungeons and raids, multiplayer PvE and PvP content and a lot of character customization with different warframes you can gain and use. Not all the various weapons that you have to have.

You play space ninjas called Tennos in the game. We can go and look for many things in the way you process your maps, making it harder for you to see and find the best things. Even though you can play on the campaign and some content inside it as a solo player, some content will need or at least be better if you have a group.

Warframe has some good upgrades on next-generation consoles. This is a free game of free play on PS5 and Xbox Series X, so do you want something visually pleasing to see?

Rocket League

  • Platform: PlayStation, Xbox.
  • Microtransactions: Yes.

If you had never heard of the Rocket League before, then now is an excellent time to check out this. It is essentially soccer and with cars. This brings another element of challenge to the gameplay when you work hard to score goals while behind the wheel of a variety of different vehicles.

Rocket League is a free game which is cross-platform. That means you can play on PS5 and friends can play on Xbox Series X or PC.

As games go, this is a bit strange, but also a good and relaxing gameplay that hooked many players. If you have fun and still need some more, try the Rocket League.

Genshin Impact

  • Nintendo.
  • Microtransactions: Yes.

Genshin Impact is one of the best, possibly the most expensive, free game on console. The only downside is that it isn’t available on Xbox. It would be nice if you were to play it a PS4 or a PS5 game.

If you have one of these consoles, check it out. Genshin Impact is better rated as a Breath of the Wild clone, but is definitely very easy to read and play. It is a single player RPG, but it has multiplayer capability after you get to a certain level. There are also crafting, hundreds of quests to complete and even much end-game content.

There is a vast world for exploration and there are great players. There are weapons from different cultures. As far as the free games for the PS5 go, you can’t beat Genshin Impact. If you like RPGs, look at this one.


  • Platform: PlayStation, Xbox.
  • Legally speaking: You get my hand on the radio!

I guess Paladins is not as good as Overwatch, but free, so if you like it like Overwatch, you are going to find it very good. Paladins is a team-based shooter that pairs you with the enemy team, like any other shooter. There is a mix of goals and tasks that you must complete during each match.

We have multiple maps and there are many different methods to choose from that style for you personally. Each character in this game has a unique weapon, like Overwatch. But they also have unique abilities that go along with that and loadout cards to help you play better.

With good slumber and multiple games to play – Onslaught, Competitive Ranked, Siege, King Of The Hill, and Team Deathmatch, you won’t be bored of Paladins any time soon.

Overwatch 2

  • Platform: PlayStation, Xbox One.
  • Internationally.

Overwatch 2 is a new game. It’s free-to-play, which is one of the biggest changes you will have to buy from overwatch 2 that was required to buy. Since the original Overwatch was turned off, it moves to its place with 22 maps, new heroes to play, and a whole lot of PvP action in 5v5 team battles.

If you like Overwatch, you should like Overwatch 2. Especially considering that you can play it on Xbox One X|S and PS5 as well.

Warzone 2.0

  • Platform: PlayStation 3, Xbox 3.
  • Micronology: Yes!

Warzone 2.0 finally leaves the dawning of Modern Warfare II. It brings with it the new Al Mazrah map, larger than Verdansk. Naturally, there are new weapons and new tools, new use mechanics, and new use cases with new guns and new equipment. Warzone is better than ever with version 2.0, so its worth diving in if you enjoy royale titles.

Because it is free, there is no reason to try it. Warzone 2.0 is crossplatform, and can lead cross. This means you can play on PS5, you can get involved with your friends who play on Xbox Series X|S. It means you can then start playing on PS5 and even if you switch to playing on Xbox Series X|S, your progress increases.

While Warzone 2 is free, a modern version of Warfare is definitely worth it. To get your weapons locked up, you may get a little more control.


  • Platform: XP, Xbox.
  • There are some other way around: Yes, it’s OK to do so.

Warface is a first-person shooter from beginning to end. Considering its lack of game experience, its a pretty good alternative, given its free-to-play option.

You can unlock your enemies easily with graphics. There are also multiple playable classes, multiple game mode types and even competitive play mores that feature missions with a more story-driven approach.

It may be more common to call of duty, but to hold him at once until your order is met. Or if you simply want to relax.

Bless Unleashed

  • Platform: PCP, Xbox.
  • Microoperations: Yes.

Bless Unleashed is a full-scale traditional MMO with thousands of quests, a variety of classes and races to play with, with everything you expect from a MMO and including leveling and unlocking skills in character progression, dungeons, raids, crafting, etc.

Bless Unleashed was only for this year’s entire life. But the leap was finally made to PlayStation, so that if you get a PS5 you can experience the very thing about this game. Of course, it can play on PS4, so if you’re still using the current-gen console, you’ll not be left out.

There are five classes to choose from, each of which provides a different combat experience and therefore it’s worth trying all those five different ways and find the best one you like the best.

Destiny 2

  • Xbox Games, games: PlayStation.
  • Minimalism: Yes!

Unlike the current version of Destiny, there are only the best free games on PS5 and Xbox Series X. There is no universal agreement on the fact that Destiny 2 is all free, but there are plenty of free games, such as New Light and the new-light play of the Destiny universe.

This includes the most extensive quests from the previous expansions and seasons. There’s been some of the stuff that has now been buried, so it won’t give the whole game any detail. You also can play multiplayer PvP games if you want to have more competition. There are different seasons in the game. Like Dawning, which is the actual event happening now in the game.

To be honest, I don’t know that as long as you play Destiny 2 now, the current expansion doesn’t have to be real. Since there are some new things you’ll need to continue the expansion and the season pass, as well. Since Destiny 2 experiences full use, you have to spend the cash on it. But it is worth it. It has gotten a lot easier, even when the console player updates all the next-gen upgrades.

Flights From Exil;

  • Platform: PlayStation, Xbox One.
  • Using the microwriddle: Yes!

The best thing is the level of gameplay, with regards to the quality. This is an isometric action novel about loot.

As far as the vast range of campaigns and the wide collection of endgames as possible, a hundred of hours of gaming experience remains available. You’ll have a ton of different single play content to experience. But it also offers many online multiplayer content that should be done.

You need the PlayStation Plus subscription to access the online content, but the purchase costs are very reasonable. Tell us that. This game is for you, if you like action games where you hack and slash your way through a lot of enemies.


  • Playback: PlayStation, Xbox.
  • Microtransactions: Yes.

Listen, if you like brawlers, then you must absolutely play MultiVersus. From Batman to Bugs Bunny, to Morty from Rick and Morty, there isn’t much he who can take on his friends. Shaggy is in a big-game form. MultiVersus is a game that allows for free play. But it’s even better because the game is really good.

There are multiple play modes, their cross-platform and a bit of customization.


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