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Best of 2022: Spencer Legacy’s Top 10 Olympic Games of the Year

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This year, as is the case for most years, 2022 was a great time for gamers. Although the pandemic has lingering effects throughout the industry, it didn’t stop a stream of enjoyable titles coming. Many titles have come out that I don’t quite ever get around to big names like God of the War Ragnarok, Cult of the Lamb, Midnight Suns, Elden Ring, AI: The Somnium Files: Nirvana Initiative, and Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe. They might have been on this list if there were at least 48 hours in each day.

But that is enough for a prelude. Let’s look at my top 10 games from 2022 on view.

10. Heartworms 2

The Shin Megami Tensei is a large RPG series. You could argue that any other franchise also has such successful spin-offs, the Persona series becoming its own biggest franchise. Soul Hackers are probably not the best level of Shin Megami Tenseis, but that doesn’t mean that its not great. The anti-pressurization system is genuinely satisfying here while the general aesthetic is cool as hell. If you slept on the soul hackers 2 last year, I wouldn’t recommend the game any more.

9. Teenage mummy Ninja Turtles: Shredders rekindle old age.

Ninja Turtles have always been associated with fun beat em ups, therefore Shredders Revenge turned out a delight. The entire game has endless love and passion, especially on the couch with friends. That intro is also too nostalgic.

8. Neon White

The realization that Neon White mixes the edgy anime aesthetic of the mid-2000s with Dreamcast/PS2 in the year 2022, is what grew up in our world. With the end of the year, I could hardly ever keep working with all sorts of cliche anime, but in all that time, as we can now enliven the storm. If you don’t have a soft spot in the era of anime dork culture, Neon White will bring back delightfully cringeworthy memories.

7. Tale of Paradise: Final Fantasy’s origin.

A lot of bros decide to kill Chaos. This is a plot. What more incentive do you need to do just that? The sequel ‘Tween of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins’ surprisingly rich gameplay with Ninja made is very interesting and it’s also a thrill that I’ve been heavily a part of the story. Whenever possible, I’d love to get a bit more weirder Final Fantasy spin-offs like this, especially if they all come with trucker hats.

6. World War II: Sagasa: a Reunion.

As a person with the name CrisisCoreKid, I got a touch with Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII: Reunion. The acting at the same time was disappointing; as the original, Reunion never fails to impress the PSP. That looks pretty scary, the game is intense and absorbing, and the story is just as silly, emotional and awesome as it was ever. The ending still gets dirty and I don’t think of an actionable attack like XIW? That’s even more normal when I was a kid.

5. Sonic Frontiers

I have written a good bit about Sonic Frontiers since its launch, but I really don’t want to get caught up in a game once in a while. Running through huge open fields and he lagging at various types of mudbles created something in my brain, who forced me to abandon waking up and walking through the plains of the Starfall Islands, only when I was working or sleeping. The more serious story made a great change for the series, and I am more optimistic than ever for future entries in the most iconic Segas movie series.

4. Digimon Survive

In some way, the New York and New York landslides are still fighting for the future. Digimon won this year, but it was outstanding as well that didn’t only win Digimon Survive completely functional, but also a great game overall. The story of a bunch of children being trapped in a fearsome world with Digimon allies is familiar to series fans, although the intense and dark tone of Survive makes it even stronger with such tales. Whenever the tense war comes up, so its the emotional narrative that truly sells this fight is real. Even though you have never delved into Digimon, it’s worth a try for those who want a new flavor of mon.

3. The Skywalker trilogy by the LEGO Star Wars: The Star Wars Story.

My free time through the first half of this year was mostly consumed through the Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga. Since I have never seen so much content stuffed into one game, so in my experience as a Star Wars fan, I was practically in heaven.

The general endorphin-releasing collectible-fueled exploration in here is perfected, and the revamped combat system tinks me more excited for future TT Games than ever. I don’t know what license TT is going to be tackling next, but if its half as engrossing as The Skywalker Saga, I’ll be there on Day one.

2. Vampire Survivors

I guarantee that when you first see footage of the Vampire Survivors, you’ll think, Oh, that looks right. It’s simple, straightforward, and the object is not visually striking. When you play it, your brain’s thirst for the stimulating gameplay loop, the sound effects and the colors is changing. I don’t know the last time that game hooked me so thoroughly, since my Steam Deck was just a Survivors based machine for a few months.

Friends and I would enjoy talking about its many secrets, as if we were back in the schoolyard and an experience that is often less expensive when you are 26 years old. The sequel to Moonspell was released, although I hesitate to try this, given how much I have to get started now, and I know I will get to a time before the game…

1. Xenoblade, ed., 3 – 8:36 x 9.

This past few days I’ve really thought of mortality, partly due to the diversity of the theme of the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in which he is often treated to the unpleasant baggage and solitary baggage. The world which is expected in the Xenoblade Chronicles at the moment is not disappointed, nor does the brilliant cast of characters and the enthralling story disappoint.

The game isn’t as thick as the second game, it’s very deep and the voice acting is very beautiful. Although it is rare that a series can be as impressive as Xenoblade, the third entry showed the Monolithsoft is unparalleled. I don’t know what’s next for the series (doing so next fall), but I know it’ll probably be incredible.


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