Best of Indie Games 2022 Special Part 3 In retrospect: The most exciting games from independent studios are the most exciting ones


We hope that the earliest king games will soon be available in 2022. Here is the third and final part of the extensive indie-style review, which includes several Swiss games.

The science of individual games is itself, but it’s not just in terms of genres, settings and different topics. The way indie games are produced and distributed is exciting, and which of them will become commercially successful, and for what reasons? Simon Carless has known the indie market very well: He’s now the former chairman of the Independent Games Festival which runs the GameDiscoverCo service, which analyses the gaming market and especially enrols in Steam.

Carless only recently published one of his exciting newsletters and thereby confirmed the fractalisation of attention. In other words, a growing number of indie developers are competing on platforms like Steam and with a tendency to become more professional analysts finding it difficult to predict the market potential of certain games. The attention windows in which games look to present themselves should become shorter, because new, cool games will constantly push their way. When

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