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Bethesda Softworks has two new customers during Tokyo Game Show 2023

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During Tokyo’s 2023 Game Show, Bethesda Softworks rolled out two little news stories during the Xbox Digital Broadcast. The following: The Elder Scrolls Online will finally receive full localization this Fall because the game will start in Japan two months later. Meanwhile, the team said they will release the first of the two updates in the Atlantic City update in December for Fallout 76, as part 1 of the game becomes the first to be put on a test server next month. We have more info on this two announcements below.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Completely Localized this Fall.

ZeniMax Online Studios is excited to share thatThe Elder Scrolls Online will be launched in Japan on Xbox and PlayStation consoles and all sorts of localization in Japaneseon November 15, 2023. In the segment, President and CEO Rich Lambert highlighted the new content recently released in theNecromChapter, which console players will be able to play local this November. As shared during the recent preview livestream, the update 40 base game patch arrives on console the 14th (now 15th) of November (local Tokyo time) and includes the newEndless archive pvE activity and many other things including improvements to quality of life, fixes and updates. As a base-game update, Update 40 is free for all existingESO players, without any additional purchases required.

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Fallout 76: North of the Atlantic: Beginning Date and Production Time for Developing the Second Edition of the Year.

Jonathan Rush,Fallout’s lead art director, revealedthat The Atlantic City will be a two-part content update,Boardwalk ParadiseandAmerica’s Playground, with boardwalk Paradise,launching December 5 on all platforms.Atlantic City: Pandarase will be a new location where players could test their luck, factions, animals, an Expedition with two missions and rewards. The player who can’t wait to test his luck and look for help in the competition could jump into the Battle of the Wife on October 3 via Steam.

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