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Bethesda’s Fallout 4 is now available DRM-free from GOG

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Most modern PC game releases from Microsoft do not receive DRM-free versions, usually sticking to the Microsoft Store, Steam, and other launchers. While now it is a part of Microsoft’s massive game studios collection, Bethesda is still storming ahead with its DRM-free releases like before. The latest game to join the club is Fallout 4, with all its DLC packs also included.

The GOG store has now begun selling Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition. As all its other products on the store, this version of the Bethesda Game Studios-developed RPG is completely DRM-free.

For those unfamiliar with the term, games without DRM (Digital Rights Management) has no copy protection services that’s normally associated with most modern releases. Once someone purchases a DRM-free copy, they can use the files to install and copy it into any amount of machines without restrictions, encryptions, or online requirements getting in the way.

Coming back to the game, as this is the Game of the Year Edition, it carries the base game as well as Far Harbor, Automatron, and Nuka-World expansions for a complete story experience. The Workshop DLC packs — Wasteland, Contraptions, and Vault-Tec — are also included, which provide new types of base building items and materials that have specific themes.

Just like the Steam and Microsoft Store versions of Fallout 4, the game’s High Resolution Texture Pack is also available for free from GOG. This is an optional download weighing in at almost 60GB that can be installed onto the base game for gaining enhanced visual (texture) details. You can grab it provided you have plenty of VRAM on your graphics card: 4GB for 1080p, 6GB for 1440p, and 8GB for 4K.

One missing feature, however, is the in-game mods platform Creation Club. The online service lets players download and install both free and premium mods from the community directly. However, GOG players can still mod the game using the usual PC gaming methods, with the store even recommending the popular, and free, Nexus Mods platform.

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Fallout 4: Game of the Year Edition usually costs $39.99 on GOG, but the game is currently discounted on the store to $9.99 celebrating the launch.

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