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Billions can be given away? Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings, Warner accepts these mistakes

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David Zaslav, president of the media group and CEO of Disney’s Warner Bros. Discovery, accepts the recent mistakes made in particular with Harry Potter, DC and The Lord of the Rings. In his opinion, these world-renowned franchises were used far too little in the past. In the last 10 years, Superman has been clearly neglected in the cinema. The Harry Potter brand hasn’t been used in the past decade, has the Warner-Boss David Zaslav loud. The Lord of the Rings is the same. Even here, a lot of potential and the cost of corresponding sales was wasted. But what next will happen with Harry Potter, DC and The Lord of the Rings?

Harry Potter, DC and Lord of the Rings cann’t be used.

At first glance, this critique seems a bit weird, because Henry Cavill especially used as a Superman extensively in films like Batman and Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League. The screen adaptations of Fantastic Beasts and the immensely successful Hogwarts Legacy were never left in the library.

The statements of Warner-Boss David Zaslav can be interpreted as follows: It’s probably referring to the individual brands. So on content that was described as Harry Potter, for example. Even a feature film specifically about the character Superman might not have flopped as disastrously as recent DC superhero films. And Tolkiens Fantasy saga, which in the past brought in approximately 2.9 billion dollars in the box office with the first three cinema films alone, is no longer considered a film or series in recent years.

David Zaslav, the director of Warner Brothers, praises its strength and warns of a tendency to go over-do it when it comes to new sales. Still, he freely admits that if Harry Potter, DC or The Lord of the Rings were successful over the last 20 years, its success would have been quite meager.

What’s the future of Harry Potter, DC and the Lord of the Rings?

Even though this situation is changing the way it goes, the situation will change. The filmmaker has been hired by Disney to oversee the reboot of the DC’s superhero universe. The Lord of the Rings movie is going to be released next year. Harry Potter is going to be back with a multi-year television series.

David Zaslav What was his criticism for your own company, Of course, the point of view and the topic of money are also included. He’s convinced a lot of money can be made in a ten-year plan for DC, the Lord of the Rings movie and the Harry Potter series.

For a while, it can be said that Warner doesn’t want to overuse world-renowned brands such as Harry Potter, DC and The Lord of the Rings, but some reflects the different films. In this regard, one can imagine that in the past was thrown away without millions, rather than billions of dollars from the US in possible sales. So Barbies huge surprise hit comes precisely right at the right time.

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