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Bing Chat Enterprise goes live for Microsoft 365 education faculty users

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In July, Microsoft first announced Bing Chat Enterprise. It was an extension of its Bing Chat AI chatbot made for businesses with more secure features. Today, Microsoft announced it is expanding Bing Chat Enterprise to more customers, specifically those in the education field.

In a blog post, Microsoft announced that Bing Chat Enterprise is available as a public preview at no additional cost for Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 customers who are educational faculty members, staff, and researchers.

Like the previous business and enterprise customers, this version of Bing Chat for educators includes extra security so that any information will not leak outside the organization. Any chat data is also not saved, and its information won’t be used to train the AI models.

Microsoft offered some examples of how educators could use Bing Chat Enterprise to help them with their students:

  • Draft content: “Create lesson plans on the Kinematics unit for my AP Physics class. Include the relevant learning objectives, materials, and activities”
  • Personalize learning: “Generate a reading passage sample for my 3rd grade class about the ocean, include three versions for Lexile levels 420L to 650L, 520L to 820L, 740L to 940L”
  • Brainstorm: “List 20 unique project ideas for my secondary school European history class”
  • Summarize a PDF open in Edge: “Recap the findings of this flipped classroom research paper and list three recommendations and three challenges”
  • Improve efficiency: “Act as an elementary school schedule design expert, review the schedule to identify problems and suggest changes that provide additional planning time for educators”

Unless IT admins for those plans decide to opt out, Bing Chat Enterprise will be turned on by default for all Microsoft 365 A3 and A5 educator customers on or after September 21. Students will continue to use the standard Bing Chat for their work with their personal Microsoft accounts.

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