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Black Adam Directors’ New Movie features Emily Blunt as real-life Detective Kate Warone

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Emily Blunt is expected to play Kate Warme, the first woman detective in North America for Pinkerton National Detective Agency and then in Jauma Collet-Serras’ new movie For Amazon Studios.

As of June 1, 2018, Collet-Serra was able to direct Kate Warne for Amazon Studios. Blunt is producing the movie and it will be expected that he star. Although, this contract has not been finalized yet due to an ongoing SAG-AFTRA strike in which actors lobby for higher pay’s protection against artificial intelligence action on screen (HDTV) etc…

The film was released in January 2021; now, the movie wasn’t written for Collet-Serra until then.

The first draft of this book was written by Gustin Nash, while Melissa Stack is also well-known. Dwayne Johnson and others make the project with Seven Bucks Production, along well. Kristina Sorensen is also ace producer for The In-K production.

What else did Jaume Collet-Serra have made?

Collet-Serra and Blunt collaborated on 2021’s Jungle Cruise, which also appeared with Johnson. Johnson and Collet-Serrae have again worked on Black Adam released by DC Studios in October 2022. Collet-Serra is well known for his 2005 remake of the Wax, 2009 Orphan and 2016 adaptation The Shallows. Hes made a number of movies with Liam Neeson, including the sequel 2011 Unknown’ and 2014 All-Starting, 2015’all Night Run (and 2018’The Great Ghost).

Blunt starred in Christopher Nolans Oppenheimer earlier this year with Cillian Murphy. Her next movie, Pain Hustlers (Purbish) is directed by Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them David Yates. It’ll also stars Chris Evans of the starring family, Catherine Oara from New York City on TV. The pain is on Netflix.

Kate Warne has no release date from Amazon Studios yet.

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