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Black Panther’s New Claws Can Kill Wolverine in a Hit

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With his triumphant return to the Avengers, Black Panther is bringing some powerful new weapons. Although T’Challa has been a mainstay of the superhero squad for a while, recent events have strained his bond with the other heroes. Captain Marvel accepts his invitation to join her new squad despite the controversy surrounding his use of sleeper operatives.

In Avengers #1, which was written by Jed MacKay and drawn by C.F. Black Panther, the villain, displays his stunning new claws made of Antarctic vibranium. This rare variety of vibranium, also known as Anti-Metal or Savage Land Vibranium, is remarkably capable of weakening and destabilizing other metals at the molecular level. The material that protects Wolverine’s skeleton, adamantium, can even melt Antarctic vibranium, in contrast to the unbreakable Wakandan vibranium. T’Challa possesses a weapon that Wolverine might easily be destroyed with the use of his enhanced claws.

T’Challa, the former King of Wakanda, is first hesitant to rejoin the organization even though Captain Marvel gains control of the Avengers and assembles a team consisting of Sam Wilson’s Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, Scarlet Witch, and Vision. He fled his own country after betraying the Avengers and taking a terrible beating from Steve Rogers. Despite his past crimes, Captain Marvel understands the value of having the “Most Dangerous Man Alive” on her team. Now that Black Panther has been rejuvenated, he rejoins the group with a new suit that easily dispatches highly developed robotic foes.

From their heated fight in Wolverine #8 from 2013 through their most recent confrontation in the Avengers’ Phoenix Tournament, when T’Challa’s Vibranium triumphed, Wolverine and Black Panther have clashed countless times. Even though Wolverine has a powerful healing factor, T’Challa has access to weapons that even Wolverine can’t match because he was the former ruler of the world’s most technologically advanced country. His Anti-Metal claws are the latest example of Black Panther’s ongoing efforts to expand his toolbox. It only makes sense that he has an extremely uncommon enhancement that few others on Earth can match as he rejoins Marvel’s top superhero team.

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