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BLACKPINK’s Jennie Receives A Gift From Fans At Incheon Airport With A Special Meaning

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It all has to do with a video that went viral!

Netizens love to gift their favorite idols to show how much they mean to them and share their support. Most of them will have special meaning to the idol or be an inside joke to the fandom.

Recently, BLACKPINK‘s Jenny caught attention after being given a special gift at the airport.

BLACKPINK’s Jennie | @jennierubyjane/Instagram

On November 22, Jennie returned to Korea after her time in America to prepare for the next leg of the tour in Europe. Despite the long flight, Ella Jennie made sure to accept gifts from the fans who had been waiting for her.

In particular, when Jennie came out, someone handed her a pink stuffed animal. Upon receiving it, Jennie couldn’t help but thank and greet the fans.

She then held it cutely in front of her face, which made all the BLINKs waiting with her very excited.

Even when she got to the car, she kept the stuffed doll in her hands as she walked.

In the photos from the airport, Jennie looked absolutely adorable holding the doll that fans gave her.

“Hachuping” or “Heartsping” is actually a character from the popular Korean animated series for children, Capture! teenagers, and is one of the most popular characters.

The Hachuping character | KBS

But why was it precisely the Hachuping doll that was given to Jennie at the airport? Well, it all stems from a viral nickname given to the idol by a 5-year-old boy.

In a video on the popular YouTube channel kizzleYoung children were asked to choose the prettiest idols.

During the last part of the video, the young women were asked to choose a nickname for the prettiest idols.

The last girl chose Jennie and instantly said her nickname was “Hachuping”.

Since the video was posted, the BLINKs have loved the comparisons and it was not surprising that they wanted to honor the comparison with a gift at the airport.

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