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Blizzard boss with year-end post: BlizzCon planned! 50 million new players in 2022

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The new manager Mike Ybarra updated the entire year to write his praise to the organization and the company in an announcement to resign for the year 2023.

With holiday season and New Year near us, the CEO of Blizzard will take the chance to reflect on 2022, recognizing the new company culture, recognizing the employees and players for their passion, and to do one or two exciting things along the way Sprinkle info nugget. You can find the entire article on the official Blizzard website. Below is the summary.

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Blizzard created the exciting 2022 image to give Blizzard a shot.

According to Mike Ybarra, 2022 was an exciting and exciting year for Blizzard. Here are some of the biggest milestones of the year.

The dragonflight launches, WotLK Classic, Overwatch 2 and Diablo Immortal. The announcements of Warcraft Arclight Rumble, and the new survival game Played Blizzard came this year. According to the reports, 50 million new players created a new account this year and played at least one Blizzard game. At Blizzard, the personal carousel had turned a bit of a change. Holly Longdale, for example, isn’t just a writer, who will do it all for the entire universe. Allen Adham, Chief Design Officer for Blizzard, will ensure in the future that the slogan Gameplay First will be used again in all Blizzard games has top priority.

Read these interesting stories and read them now.

Chris Metzen is back! The storyguru joins the Warcraft leadership team.

Chris Metzen has returned to Blizzard and is coming to enrich the Warcraft leadership team in the future as a creative advisor.

The buffedCast #607 with Dracthyr Callers and WoW: Dragonflight and Blizzards end in China, eg: stalecing and bumbling in the dark.

The episode 607 of the buffedCast revolves around the fun we had with the Dothyr Caller in the WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch.

Stronger corporate culture.

For Ybarra, the most important milestones of the year, and also the progress made in a whole company’s culture. Putting employees and players first is the foundation for a new era of Blizzards, said Ybarra. To help him succeed, Blizzard introduced a new position of VP of Culture, which will be filled by Jessica Martinez.

Makaiya Brown is the new lead. The new president is called “Dr. Roux”. In the world, there was many talk of the values we want Blizzard to defend. Last but not least, there was a move forward in terms of diversity, as well as the increasing proportion of women/non-binary employees who represent ethnic minorities.

It’s been a while since BlizzCon comes back.

I think that as a side note, Mike Ybarra explained to the post that April McKee was now Executive Producer of BlizzCon, and yes, BlizzCon will be back. We’re going to discuss this in early 2023. I guess it’s really starting to start the new survival game. The size of the team has doubled over the course of the year and more reinforcements will be in the coming year.


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