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Blizzard launches Diablo (PCGH-Retro, Jan. 02) in January 2012

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At the time of the first of the year, the monster a dead-click game was called the Diablo. Every day, PC Games are preparing for a look at the historical and historical history of the computer.

1997: The traditional genre of play is thought to be practically gone. As for the first-person shooters in the nineties, the PC is dominating the most of the titles from id software; more than all real-time strategy has been in the decline since Warcraft 2 and Command & Conquer, so hardly anyone has interest in character development in dark fantasy dungeons. But that game, which was released on January 2, 1997, quickly changed the situation: Blizzards Diablo.

Comparative to most other RPGs these days, Diablo is played out in real time rather than in turns, making combat very quickly energizing a new genre that is not as simple as action RPGs. Since the game can be controlled largely with the mouse, it is easy to start, but fun fights and the collecting of things along the way to the demon Diablo also motivate you. The game became an important success for Blizzard, surpassed in 2000 by the success of its successor, Diablo II. And finally the role-playing games come back, even if the game seems to be slightly different.

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