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Bloober Team will remake Silent Hill 2, for faithful adaptation

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Developers think of modernizing the 2001 horror classic safely.

While the horror-loving developer Bloober Team was working on a remake of Konamis Silent Hill, some fangbumblings come from the peanut gallery, making some sense that the Layers of Fear and The Medium developer might not be capable of handling the beloved 2001 release.

Perhaps sifting up said concern, perhaps just after reading all the social media complaints, Bloober Team noted its intention to present a faithful and authentic adaptation of the survival horror classic, one which will capture the spirit and heavy atmosphere of the original title while modernizing some of the more dated elements.

We’re trying to bring back the distinct, visceral atmosphere of the modernized Silent Hill. Longtime fans shouldn’t worry about us missing the point while watching the show in an interview with DreadXP. We’ll stick to the traditional story canon while remaking the gameplay and updating the graphics from the start.

Anna mentions specific examples that are being tweaked, such as the In-Game camera and the combat mechanics. Jasinska believes that the team is careful with any of the in-game changes, but that will ensure that the remake can present a modern and contemporary edition of the 20-year-old PS2 title.

If I could play Devils Advocate, Marge, I am willing to give Bloober Team the benefit of the doubt here. I think Layers of fear, The Medium and Observer all offered creepy atmosphere and highly unnerving visual styles, and the Polish developer has certainly shown progress in each release. While tampering with an ice-cold classic is full of undisputed risk, those are, unfortunately, the break that comes with getting a remake at all. There’s certainly a tough, thankless task ahead of us.

We’ve finally found out whether Bloober Team can prove its doubters wrong if Silent Hill 2 remake ends up coming out of the fog. Now check out the full interview with DreadXP.

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