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Blood, Grait and Shadows | Holstin unveiled Mechanics and Steam Demo!

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Hey, listen to the music in your music! The game world has just started getting to spittered, and your adrenaline is coming to the final stage. One of the most powerful psychological survival horror games of all time, Sonka, has dropped its first combat trailer for a hazy psychological survival horror game.

The horror of the 90’s: Dive Polish Nightmares into the 1990s.

Holstin has a different level of eerie than you always have. With the game on your own in a quiet 90s Polish lakeside town, the game starts with delusional dread. Something odd happened here, infuriating everything into its ominous aura. Imagine this: your colleague came back in the street thinking a story about you. After some strange messages, the dude goes dark. You’re the one who can solve this macabre puzzle and find out what disappeared.

Feeling the Fear: The Gameplay Details.

Sonka doesn’t mess around. The Steam Demo is going to give gamers a taste of Holstins intense combat mechanics. You can easily switch from a look over to a view over-the-shoulder, cut down your foes into bits and keep your reflexes handy enough to dodge unexpected horror. We combine games through the integration of war and exploration.

Pixel-Art has the magic of 2XD Rendering.

What is the beauty of Holstin? This game uses Sonkas proprietary 2XD Rendering Technique. The devs can activate real-time lighting and 3D camera movements all in pixel art environments. Talk about the level of the games’ essex, combat and character design!

Multi-Platforms: Where to play?

Your horror experience won’t be confined to only one device. Holstin is going to be going on PC, PlayStation, Xbox and even Switch. Choose your platform and get ready to jump into this teeming, psyche-busting adventure.

Microsoft Windows: PlayStation 5: Xbox 3:S, Nintendo Switch: Microsoft Windows 10.


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