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Bluepoint Games goda Game Keempat Aroged

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Not an exaggerating person to call him an expert developer of the remasters and remakes of his job. The Bluepoint games logo appears on the screen of the remake and remaster, and can certainly anticipate that classic game is full of the original series but now carries visual and audio quality, and yet still takes a new approach. so there is always a redesigned environment which is not difficult to beat a new game. Since the first formality of announcing the acquisition process took place, the curiosity for their new product is getting stronger.

Bluepoint Games seems to also understand that a lot of gamers are waiting for whatever new game they’re currently working on. Through a post to celebrate the end of the year holidays, they issued a greeting card with an illustration of the games they worked on: a shield for Dharma, a sword for the Colossus, and a sword for God of War remake which they took part in. Which one is fascinating? There’s a fourth gift that is still neatly wrapped and has not been opened yet. This little clue alone helps make multiple speculations arise.

Happy Holidays from Bluepoint Games. What’s in the box?

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Shinobi602 (@shinobi602) December 15, 2022

Bluepoint is making up their original system rather than a remake and remaster like the past. Unfortunately, these details aren’t enough to take back the many dreams and dreams of many gamers that they’re going to revive the old game series they miss. What are the three-day-old games? Wait.


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