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Box Cup is a good success for the interactive show League of Legends

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The first edition of Kia The Box Cup, without Big Deals new format, was successful. In a video play that involved two teams selected by Paolocannone and Fragola, a multi-senior broadcast broadcast of the Interactive League of Legends, a total of over a hundred thousand views in approximately four hours.

With a limited edition tournament, The Box Cups interactive show match, worth nearly 80 thousand unique users whose live broadcasts last August 30th, elicited many surprise and unexpected event opportunities – particularly those who spied to win two tickets for the highly anticipated LEC Finals 2023 di League of Legends in Montpellier, will culminate at 6pm today on the 10 September with the grand finale with Fnatic.

Two teams, selected and coached by Paolocannone from Fragola del team Qlash, won League of Legends, while in a dedicated game platform, the public would intervene and change the fate of the matches. The team from Fragolas win three of the 4 matches in the best-of-5 competition. The reverberation and disreach of these events takes place as long as one secret boxed player has removed one of each team’s members: CCRizzi e Hitomi Okami, and two beloved streamers in their respective fields, League of Legends and Cosplay. Instead, two of the LOL casters most liked by the public thought that would catalyze the publics attention: Terenas and Kenrhen.

Kia, as it was anticipated, gave the chance to win a trip to Montpellier and 2 tickets for the highly anticipated LEC Finals 2023. Kia is the official global sponsor of the competition. In this case, Giuseppe Mazzara, head of the company Kia Italia, declared: From the beginning of the first quarter, to the final of Montpellier, we could have to meet a League of Legends enthusiast who sat by a show. I was very proud of the quality of a show that allowed us to effectively and creatively achieve our positioning and target objectives.

This event was organised by No Big Deal and Innocean thanks to the broadcast production partners PG Esports and Tech The Rocks. You can replay the audio relive in this page.

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