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b>Project D/b> First look at the new co-op action RPG of the Hundred Soul developer

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In July 20, 2018, Korea developer Hound 13 received major investment from Singapore-based game publisher Garena and is working on project D and project M. Today, the first look of Project D was showcased for the first time in an official in-development trailer! Project D is powered by AEDR and developed in both mobile and PC platforms.

According to official description, Project D aims for manual action play with a sense of hitting with in-depth scenarios and was developed into a semi-open world structure based on fields and diverse interactions. The target is the bright, light, yet immersive story of the playful character concept that can be communicated at home and abroad.

If the trailer seems quite familiar, it’s probably because of the team that was involved in Hound13 that came from Eyedentity, the studio which made Dragon Nest the massive PC MMORPG hit. After being backed up by China’s Shanda a few years ago, Eyedentity became a permanent source of confusion and quickly lost its identity (no pun intended) and therefore an exodus of staff seeking to isolate the pain that the company has faced. Stay tuned for the latest updates.

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