Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights will end service on February 28, 2023


The Bright Light will let its service start on February 28 – 2023 at 5:00 p.m.

The mobile entry in Square Enixs Bravely series was launched on January 27, 2022 in the iOS app store and Android via Google Play.

As of today, all on-game Mythril sales began, but still still cannot be used till service ends. Once used Mythril is lost, it will be paid back.

According to Square Enix, although it’s been working hard every day to provide good service, it has gotten back to the conclusion that it could not maintain satisfactory service going forward.

The first chapter of the story’s main story, more events quests (including first anniversary celebration), team raids, the Brass Cup, etc., will be added to the game before service ends.

For the future, Square Enix plans on making an offline version of Bravely Default: Brilliant Lights that users can see around in on their own ways. Details will be announced later.


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