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Broad audio issues raise the power of false VALORANT agents in latest update

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Riot Games quietly released a VALORANT patch last week that seems to have contributed to several major side effects for some players. The affected users are particularly hearing phantom agents and annoyingly random sound effects playing throughout matches.

Patch 7.06 was published on Sept. 19 adding new competitive queue restrictions, a new home screen animation featuring Gekko and his squishy friends, and some new Sage voice lines, according to the blog post Riot. Until then, multiple players reported significant audio issues that are skewing the usual expectations of both agent voice lines and ability sound effects.

KAY/O death mourns, though there’s not enough KAY/O on the team? Have I gone insane? by U/Estzam inVALORANT?

The questions that appear most for players concern death noises made by teammates while they were taken down in a round. If they die, the agent is a unique voice line, often a grunt or short cry. Yet, the latest patch seems to be very familiar, and the team will be hearing wrong agents death noise.

VALORANT has an immersive communication system that goes beyond your team’s voice. When an agent is talking to him, the noise that isn’t only real, it has no real dando of other abilities. This way, even if a teammate works with the voice, you can continue to get in the audio queue to decipher their intentions.

This device uses the ear of the agent to communicate with their teammates. It means that even if your Brimstone uses his ability on the opposite side of the map, you will hear his voice over the radio.

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One player suggested that the reason people were hearing KAY/Os voice when a teammate died was that their sound is sound-distorted and making the death sound robotic.

There were numerous audio issues to come from a slew of other players who chimed in and reported in their game that weren’t present before Patch 7.06, and that nothing is in common with the agent voice line.

This bug also affects a full list of the ability and voice lines, as well as the agent voice. Will Riot resolve the problem or try a new patch soon? Hopefully, this is a bit odd, we would be able to quickly fix that problem, if it’s no longer as distracting as a continuous wave of sova dart scan or Raze Boombot noise.

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