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BTS’s Suga Makes An Unexpected Cameo In A Filipino Film

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All of BTS shows up too.

bts They are no stranger to making cameos in various TV shows and movies.

BTS | @bts_bighit/Twitter

The group has been mentioned countless times in K-dramas such as business proposal, our blues, my release notes, fucking stars, i love all playY Money Heist: Korea – Joint Economic Area.

The group has also made other unexpected cameos on television, such as in a CBS sitcom, a Disney show, and a famous Mexican television series.

Now BTS has once again proven their global impact by making an unexpected cameo in an independent Filipino film, broken flowers.

broken flowers | manila standard

broken flowers describes the story ofa relationship that blossomed during the pandemic.

Director luie ignacio believes that the film can “resonate with audiences around the world” due to their comforting relationship.

in its [the characters] poor community, life is full of so many difficulties. But the solidarity and warmth between the members are evident. And that’s what makes the film universal, that’s what makes the film resonate with audiences around the world.

—Luis Ignatius

Louie Ignacio showing an award from the Brasilia International Film Festival | manila standard

The amazing cast includes jeric gonzalez, teresa malvár, Royce Cabrera, jaclyn joseph, and more. Due to both the phenomenal acting and storytelling, the cast and the film have already won several awards at different international film festivals.

Part of the cast of Broken Blooms with Louie Ignacio | manila standard

And BTS ARMY were shocked to see that. broken flowers mentioned suga in one of the scenes included in the trailer for the film, which also featured several BTS posters.

The scene seems to reference how one of the characters, like many K-Pop fans, decorates his walls with posters of his favorite group and talks about them enough that his family can know the name of his bias.

Suga from BTS

There is certainly no denying the global impact of BTS.

You can see a trailer of broken flowers here.


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